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2023 Holiday Season

Help make a difference for a family in Columbia-Greene!

Your generosity can make a lasting impact on a family in need of someone with a big heart and willing to help! We hope you will decide to join us this holiday season. During difficult times for many of our families here in Columbia & Greene Counties, the Adopt-A-Family program is a particularly crucial way to help brighten the holidays for Columbia & Greene children and families.

We're supporting 60 families totaling over 160 children this year!

We're graciously accepting donations of new, unwrapped toys, clothing, hats & gloves, batteries, and gift-wrapping supplies to help support these wonderful families in need.

Donations can be brought to our main offices prior to December 20th.

713 Union Street

Hudson, NY 12534

To adopt one of our few remaining families, please email Paul at

Ways you can help

1. Adopt a family: Families, businesses, and organizations can pool their resources to adopt a family. We'll give you a list that details the needs and wants of a local family. You decide how many of those needs and gifts you can fulfill by shopping for and donating these gifts.

2. Donate new, unwrapped gifts: An alternative to "adopting" an entire family is to donate new, unwrapped gifts gifts. We'll combine these with others to help brighten the season for a child or family.

3. Monetary donations: We'll use your donations to buy gifts, gift cards, groceries, or other necessities for unmatched families, or to help out families who have emergencies around the holidays.

4. Tell a friend: Maybe you have already "adopted" a family or donated to another program; pass this on to your friends or colleagues who may jump on the giving train.

Program FAQs

The families participating in our program have been identified by our various program staff as being families in need. You are invited to acquaint yourself with the services we provide by browsing our website.

This depends on the way in which you choose to help. Any amount of new, unwrapped gifts, gift card, or monetary donation is greatly needed and appreciated. If you choose to adopt a family, for first time participants, a small family is recommended (one child/one parent). To provide a point of perspective, $100 per family member may be used as a guide in establishing a cost base.

After registering, the donor will be provided with information regarding clothing, toys, and household items on their family match. After a review of the information provided, the donor will decide what they would like to present in their holiday gift package. Consultation with a MHACG staff member is always suggested in an attempt to gain insight as to what the family may need most.

Absolutely not. Sometimes families list a great deal of information, and in some cases expensive items (though we try to keep their lists to $100 or less). The donor is in no way expected to make excessive or expensive purchases.

Not without checking with us first. In most cases, communication should be directed to the MHACG staff. If you are unable to connect with the staff member, please call 518.828.4619 for assistance. There may be some situations in which direct communication with the family would be ok; however, as a general rule for privacy and safety this would not be the case, and clearance should first be received from the staff member.

The method of delivery is the donor's decision. Donations can be brought directly to our MHACG offices at 713 Union Street in Hudson, or if delivery is not possible, arrangements can be made for the gifts to be picked up from the donor's location. Delivery and any concerns can be coordinated with the MHACG staff member.

We would need to know as soon as possible. News of being "adopted" for the holiday brings tremendous relief from the many stresses experienced by families, and efforts to locate another donor would be very important.

Family Walking Around the Neighborhood

The value our programs provide

The work we've been able to do because of donations allows our programs to provide vital support to the community. We help children, families, and individuals transform their lives. These stories show that you couldn't make a better investment.

Note: The stories are real testimonials, however, photos are stock images to protect privacy.


Clubhouse is beneficial to me because when I was younger I didn't have friends like that and I was introverted. Clubhouse made me a different person from where I was from 6 years years ago because I get to interact with different people now. Because when I was younger I just hung out at home, and since I was at home a lot it made me suicidal. Now because of Clubhouse I feel much better and now I have a lot of hobbies and friends.

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