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Bringing out the best of America

AmeriCorps is a federal agency for national service and volunteerism. Through non-profit organizations, AmeriCorps provides opportunities for Americans of all backgrounds to serve the community.

Uniting America through service

AmeriCorps brings Americans together to serve communities

About AmeriCorps

AmeriCorps sends people power and funding to communities across the country to work in public agencies, community organizations, schools and non-profits. MHACG is proud to be one of the non-profits to receive AmeriCorps funding to strengthen our communities.

Hudson PROMISE AmeriCorps

How our AmeriCorps members make an impact

Our AmeriCorps serve as mentors to area youth providing social, emotional, and academic support in various school and community settings.

Our goal is to provide support and facilitate access to services and resources that contribute to improved educational outcomes for economically disadvantaged children.


Serving the Hudson Community

AmeriCorps helps support communities

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Our AmeriCorps members are placed throughout the Hudson area to help support our communities. They help support many of our other programs such as Youth Clubhouse, Children's Case Management, and our Advantage After School.

Out in the community, our AmeriCorps teams engage and support in the Hudson City School District, Hudson Library, Hudson Promise Neighborhood, and the Hudson Youth Center.

Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world

- Nelson Mandela


Helping youth reach their potential

Our teams incorporate a variety of activities, programs, and skill building to help students reach their potential.


We incorporate evidence and research-based programs to help mentor and engage students such as Why Try, Scholar Shop, One Circle, HCZ Peacemaker Program, and Strengthening Families.

What this program has to offer

Research shows that children who participate in quality afterschool programs and/or have a mentor have a higher school attendance rate and improved academic achievement. They are also less likely to be involved in risky behaviors such as drug or alcohol abuse, crime, teen pregnancy, and more.

AmeriCorps work with the schools in supporting youth to be ready to enter school, to being successful in school, and post-secondary education, career goals, and even citizenship. Members assist with lunch clubs and include STEAM activities (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics). Literacy based learning activities and programing for economically disadvantaged students are offered outside of regular classroom introduction (i.e. afterschool, weekends, summer and school vacations)

Here are just some of the activities our teams work on:

  • Writing Center support

  • Writing skills, reading, and homework assistance

  • Assist in seeking post-secondary education & linkage to resources

  • Collaborate with guidance counselors and teachers to assist with college admissions and other facets of programming

  • Aggression reduction, meditation, & bully prevention

  • Clubs and small group activities

  • Family activity nights and service-learning events

  • Sports, fitness, games, and group entertainment activities

  • Employment based instruction & skill building

Being a part of AmeriCorps

You're a mentor. A role model. A people helper.

AmeriCorps is a great way to start your future. When you're a volunteer, you have a rewarding experience helping your community, building connections, learning & developing, and creating job opportunities for your future.


Hear what past & current teams have to say

Many AmeriCorps workers from here and across the state

Benefits of being a part of AmeriCorps

Volunteering has its perks

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AmeriCorps is a volunteer based program that provides benefits to those who serve. Being a volunteer gets you:

  • A living stipend - money for living expenses that is not considered income, tax free

  • An education award - money awarded based on hours served toward education expenses (past or upcoming)

  • Job skills - on the job training on our programs and services

  • Life skills & goal setting - figure out what your future holds and build skills to get there

  • Networking connections - you get to work with various agencies, schools & people 

Join our team

Interested in joining the Mental Health Movement? Fill out an application with our Human Resource department today!



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