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Children's Case Management
School & Community Family Support

Services for children and their families in need of support with behavioral, social, emotional, or educational needs.

Support for Children & Families

We help strengthen families & support child development

Our family support workers help provide support for children identified as having behavioral, social, emotional, or educational needs.

Within our Strengthening Families program, we help support the parents and children in developing parenting skills, family skills training, and children's life skills.

We help families reach their goals.


About Case Management

Help for emotional, social, or behavioral issues

Our family support workers provide services for youth at high risk of out-of-home placement who will benefit from service coordination.

We provide support, links to services, advocacy, direct care, socialization, & more.


Reasons for referral

There are many reasons you/your child may be referred to our program. Each family has unique needs, our support workers will help figure out what's best for you.

A few reasons we may be needed:

Student in grades K-12 in need of mental health support.

Identified as having behavioral, social, emotional, or education needs

Referred by a member of your child's school, such as a teacher, guidance counselor, principal, nurse, etc.

Youth who is at risk of becoming, alleged to be, or adjudicated as Persons in Need of Supervision (PINS)

Youth alleged, or convicted, as Juvenile Offenders, Juvenile Delinquents, Adolescent Offenders, or adjudicated as Youthful Offenders.

The service our Family Support Workers provide

How we help children & families


Home Visits

Our Family Support Worker will work with the family to do home visits as often as needed to help them succeed, with a minimum of twice a month.

Goal Setting

Have a goal in mind? We can help figure out your goals and ways to work toward achieving them. Whether the goal is helping your child increase socialization, improve academics, or help with behavioral concerns, we can help figure out a game plan.


Service Connection & Support

Not sure what help is available or where to start? We can help with referrals and support to other services. Maybe one of our other programs can help, or a link up with social services, or counseling is needed. Maybe it's help with SNAP or HEAP. We're here to help.

Socialization Skill Building

We introduce fun, pro-social skill building activities into a child's life in one-on-one interactions or with other children. Activities are goal focused and can be anything from walks out in the community, to arts & crafts, games, group activities, going to the library, or even learning how to cook.



We help advocate for the family and child for the school district or for development of an IEP (Individualized Education Program). We can assist with working with the Department of Social Services to help advocate for the welfare of the child.

Family Education

Raising a child can be challenging. We can help support family needs by providing tools for parents/guardians on ways to better care for their child, improve family communication, and ways to manage a child with emotional or behavioral issues.


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