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Children &
Family Support

Working together is the first step to recovery, and that's what having a peer in your corner to help each other along the way is all about. We understand the value shared experiences have in recovery, personal growth, and overall wellness.

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Children & Family Treatment & Support Services

Children and Family Treatment & Support Services (CFTSS) is a rehabilitative service available to children/youth under the age of 21 who are Medicaid eligible and meet medical necessity.

Services are delivered in the community where the child/youth lives, attends school, and/or engages in services.



About our Family Peer Support Services

​A NYS Credentialed Family Peer Advocate (FPA) delivers supportive services for families whose children have additional support needs, including mental health, substance use, special education, juvenile, justice, and child welfare.

Family Peer Advocates have lived experiences as a parent or primary caregiver who has experience with navigating these systems on behalf of their own child(ren).

Children & Family Treatment & Support Services (CFTSS) are community based. Our Family Peer Advocate will work with the family at the home, school, or out in the community. The service is designed to strengthen families and help them make informed decisions about their care.

The service is based off of the child's eligibility and need, but the FPA is a peer for the parent/caregiver to work with the whole family to navigate the behavioral health concerns.

Pro-Social Resilience (PSR)

Pro-Social Resilience, also referred to as Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR), works with the family to develop social, living, and community skills.


An advocate can help support the family with:


Social & Interpersonal Skills

  • Building personal relationships

  • Learning to manage stress & daily events

  • Maintaining friendships & supportive social networks

Daily Living Skills

  • Improving self-management of psychiatric, emotional, physical, or substance use symptoms

  • Development of routines & life skills

  • Medication management

Community Integration

  • Developing knowledge and capabilities with community resources

  • Training on social etiquette

  • Partnerships & support in the areas of home, work, and school

Family Peer Advocacy

Family peer support helps support a parent or caregiver of an eligible child in their parenting journey, navigating challenging life support needs with mental health, substance use, emotional support, or behavioral issues.

Our Family Peer Advocate can support the family with:

Self-Advocacy & Empowerment

  • Supporting the family in discovering their strengths and concerns

  • Empowering to express fears

  • Promote positive, effective communication

  • Serving as a bridge between service providers

Parent Skill Development

  • Providing emotional support for the family

  • Reduce isolation, feelings of stigma, and hopelessness

  • Supporting the efforts in caring for children with additional needs

  • Coaching in how to explore and advocate educational options

Community Connections

  • Helping the family rediscover and connect with natural supports in their lives

  • Being involved in leisure activities in the community


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