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65 Years!

Founded in 1958, we're Columbia & Greene Counties' support for mental health, recovery, education and assistance. We're your bridge to wellbeing, connecting children, families, and individuals with care to live life to its greatest potential.

Welcome to
MHA of Columbia Greene
Your bridge to wellbeing starts here

Get to know us.

Welcome to the Mental Health Association of Columbia Greene Counties! Our purpose is to build a bridge between mental health and total wellbeing - so that mental health is considered just as important as physical health.

We go beyond mental illness and mental health to support those in recovery from substance abuse, survivors of assault and violence, children of neglect and abuse, education and after school programs, respite and family support education and services.





Advancing mental health
for overall wellbeing. 

Throughout history, people have held stigma around mental health. There is a misconception that mental health struggles only happen to people with "flawed character", where in reality, mental health affects everyone and 1 in 5 people experience a mental health disorder in a given year.

Our mission is to advance mental health as a critical part of the overall health and wellbeing of our communities.

Mental health is health, and we envision a world where mental health is considered and treated just as importantly as physical health.


Improving mental health
for everyone with care. 

Imagine a world where everyone has access to the care they need. When it comes to mental health, we strive to make that happen.

Our vision is to strive for better health and wellbeing for our communities with improved access to, and awareness of, mental health supportive care.

Our Values

We're guided every day by our core values. We work to provide CARE for everyone.



We connect and support our communities with care and foster a society of shared experiences to care for one another.



We provide help and support to all individuals so that all people can achieve their potential for health and wellbeing.



We practice and promote kindness and compassion in all interactions to foster empathy with diversity and inclusion.



We provide information and assistance for individuals and families to educate our communities in health and wellbeing.

What our clients
about us.

Family Walking Around the Neighborhood

The value our programs provide

The work we've been able to do because of donations allows our programs to provide vital support to the community. We help children, families, and individuals transform their lives. These stories show that you couldn't make a better investment.

Note: The stories are real testimonials, however, photos are stock images to protect privacy.


Clubhouse is beneficial to me because when I was younger I didn't have friends like that and I was introverted. Clubhouse made me a different person from where I was from 6 years years ago because I get to interact with different people now. Because when I was younger I just hung out at home, and since I was at home a lot it made me suicidal. Now because of Clubhouse I feel much better and now I have a lot of hobbies and friends.


Learn more about our history!

Founded in 1958, we have a long history of supporting Columbia & Greene Counties with mental health and wellbeing!



In 1958, a group of volunteers decided to come together and support the Hudson River Psychiatric Center. Together, they formed The Columbia County Society for Mental Health.




In 1981, we began offering mental health recovery services to help those living with a mental health condition live a better life. This program is now PROS for Personalized Recovery Oriented Services, a NYS Office of Mental Health program available by different organizations throughout the state.



In 1991 we changed our name to the Mental Health Association of Columbia County to align with affiliate organization MHAs across the state and nation.

In 1995, we added Greene County to the name and service area to provide support for both sides of the river.



GGA pic.jpg


In 1997, we merged with Assistance in Meaningful Living (AIM), a non-profit mental health provider for residential services. With AIM, we developed an entire division dedicated to providing supportive residences for those living with a mental health condition.



In 2010, we added the REACH Center to provide support for survivors of sexual assault, violence, crime and abuse.

In 2014, we added the Child Advocacy Center to support these cases that involve children. Together, REACH & CAC provide invaluable support to survivors.




Over the past few years, we continued to expand services to help the community in different ways to impact the overall health and wellbeing of our community.

We added crisis support with MCAT, Youth Clubhouses for youth peer support from substance use, peer support centers such as Apogee Center and Water Street Studio, and children & family support programs with After School, mentoring, AmeriCorps, respite, and case management.


History of the Mental Health
Bell of Hope!

"Cast from shackles which bound them, this bell shall ring out hope for the mentally ill and victory over mental illness."

- Inscription on the Bell of Hope
The days of old.

During the early days of mental health treatment, asylums often restrained persons with mental illnesses by iron chains and shackles around their ankles and wrists. With better understanding and treatments, this cruel practice eventually stopped.

In the early 1950s, Mental Health America issued a call to asylums across the country for their discarded chains and shackles. On April 13, 1953 at the McShane Bell Foundry in Baltimore, MD, Mental Health America melted down these inhumane bindings and recast them into a sign of hope – the Mental Health Bell.

A symbolic meaning.

​Now the symbol of Mental Health America, the 300-pound Bell serves as a powerful reminder that the invisible chains of misunderstanding and discrimination continue to bind people with mental illnesses. Today, the Mental Health Bell rings out hope for improving mental health and achieving victory over mental illnesses.

Over the years, national mental health leaders and other prominent individuals have rung the Bell to mark the continued progress in the fight for victory over mental illnesses.

Mental Health America envisions a just, humane and healthy society in which all people are accorded respect, dignity and the opportunity to achieve their full potential free from stigma and prejudice.

Meet our leadership team


Executive Director


MHA of Columbia Greene is built upon support for the community, to build a bridge between mental health and total wellbeing. To provide care, support, and recovery for individuals to live life to its greatest potential.


Now, more than ever, mental health has become a crucial aspect of wellness for people of all ages, yet we still face societal stigma and prejudice limiting people's ability to receive the care they need.

As we continue the remarkable work our programs do to support the wellbeing of the community, the people we serve will be at the center of everything that we do. I am deeply honored to work alongside my brilliant colleagues to connect children, families, and individuals with care.

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Give and make a difference!

As a non-profit organization, we rely on donations to provide support for children, families, and individuals with mental health and total wellbeing. Your donation directly supports our programs to provide support to the community.

MHA of Columbia Greene is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt non-profit organization and your donation is tax-deductible within the guidelines of U.S. law.

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