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Recovery Light the Path

Community based, peer-driven recovery program that encourages positive peer, family, and community involvement.

Welcome to
MHACG Clubhouses

Empowering youth through positivity and community involvement!

Clubhouses are funded through OASAS (Office of Addiction Services and Supports) to provide a restorative, non-clinical environment for young people whose lives have been disrupted by addiction to connect with others in recovery or in need of support.

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About Clubhouses

The Clubhouses are a community based, peer-driven recovery program that encourages positive peer, family and community involvement.

We promote long-term recovery through recreation, pro-social activities, skill building opportunities, education, and activities centered on overall health and wellness.

Why Clubhouses Are Essential

Mental health disorders currently affect about half of all youth. There are many factors that contribute to this, one of which being social media. Growing up in this digital age with social media creates a vastly different experience from prior generations. Social media can lead to social isolation and an unrealistic need for validation and instant gratification which can lead to feeling alone and send spiraling down a negative path.


Many youths also experience different additional challenges such as socioeconomic challenges, gender discrimination, or physical or learning disabilities. These can all lead to increased stress, anxiety, and depression.

These factors coupled with a lack of adult support and resources can lead to isolation, gang involvement, destructive behaviors, and incarceration. It becomes easy to 'self-medicate', using alcohol, opioids, or other narcotics to cope.

The Clubhouses are here to change that narrative. We help provide the support and resources youth and young adults need to learn and grow into thriving adults.

Community & Support

Our clubhouses don't only promote wellness, but provide windows to gain skills and a foothold in the community. Having a community to support you and a passion to chase is crucial to healthier living and the Clubhouse provides the space and connections to give that direction.

Community connections are designed to educate youth, families, and professionals to build sustaining positive support systems. We foster opportunities within the community for youth to overcome the current culture of addiction.

Participants of the clubhouse participate in activities that build learning and capabilities; they conduct a live radio broadcast, develop art, music, and dance projects, participate in events, even develop movies.

What the Youth Learn
Coping Skills
Communication Skills
Life Skills
Positive Outcomes

Participating in activities with the Clubhouses and partnerships give the youth positive outcomes to enhance their overall wellbeing, socialization, and developing key life skills for the future. It's a positive way to overcome life's challenges, mental health struggles, and substance use recovery.

By participating in Clubhouse, we see:

  • Enhanced self-esteem

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Self-discipline

  • Increased diligence

  • Improved coping skills

  • Enhanced sense of self

  • Social competence skills

  • Development of junior mentoring skills

  • Improved emotional regulation

  • More positive outlook

  • & more.

I go to clubhouse because I feel like it's such an escape from the outside world and you can be there and be comfortable with people who respect you and your boundaries.

- Youth Clubhouse Participant

Check out our 
Locations & Calendar

We have a drop in center in Hudson & Catskill

Hudson Location:

47 N. 5th Street

Catskill Location:

455 Main Street

Our drop in centers offer

  • Food

  • Wifi

  • Fun programs

  • Field trips

  • Supportive services

There's always something fun to do with the Clubhouse.

See more about 
Youth Activities

The participants in the Clubhouses take part in many different activities.

Check out a few activities below and check back soon for more to come!

Listen to Noah's Story
Listen to Roman's Story
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Check out our 
Clubhouse Radio

Tune in Fridays at 6pm to hear our Catskill Clubhouse broadcast LIVE on 90.7FM WGXC.


The broadcast gives our Clubhouse participants the opportunity to build skills and participate in community-based activities.


A Cinematic Experience

Making a documentary

Youth Clubhouses provide a place for young adults to participate in engaging activities. In 2021, our youth developed a documentary movie for the CREATE: Flash Film Fest and won an award for Best Youth Film.

filmfest award.png

Combating the Opioid Epidemic

Providing Naloxone training to the community

We have hired and trained some of the teenagers to be certified youth peer leaders. The new peer leaders learned about opioid use disorder and how to administer life-saving medication like Narcan (Naloxone).

The teens have engaged with the community, providing this training at various locations all over the counties.


The need for youth based services

Together we walk on the path to recovery

Plant Border.png

136 people die every day from an opioid overdose.1 An estimated 3.7% of youth and 15% of young adults suffer from a substance use disorder (SUD). Of these in need of treatment, only 0.6% and 1.6%, respectively, received services.2

It's our mission to change that.

We provide a supportive, peer based center, support, and Naloxone training to help protect against opioid overdoses.


1.  Understanding the Epidemic

2.  Youth and Young Adults | Substance Use

FREE Harm Reduction Supplies

Available 24/7 outside our main office building:

713 Union Street

Hudson, NY 12534

What's Available
  • Naloxone (Narcan)

  • Fentanyl Test Strips

  • Xylazine Test Strips

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Resources to Help


Find information on more peer support services


Learn more about opioid use and mental health


Get directions to one of our locations

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