Family Support Services

Family Support Services Program

The Family Support Services Program offers services similar to those of the school-based programs in Columbia County, accepting referrals directly from the school district, the Department of Social Services and the Single Point of Access or Probation. The program expanded through the STSJP grant to include an additional worker who focuses on Junior and Senior High School students who are on PINS, probation or are at risk of entering one of those programs or placement. School support, family support, mentoring, flex funds and respite are all components of this program.


The new Family Peer Advocate (FPA) and Youth peer advocate (YPA) services are provided by a certified peer advocate.  The parent/family member/caregiver and the youth benefit from the support of someone with lived experience. Services are delivered in a trauma informed, culturally and linguistically competent manner.

Family Advocacy


Family wrap-around services and Family Advocacy continue to be components of all the school based programs as needed. This collaboration of countywide services, families and the school provides advocacy for children in grades Kindergarten through High School who are identified by agencies or school districts as having severe behavior problems that may have a home-based component. The Family Advocate meets with the family and using a family strengths-based approach, assists them in formulating an agenda for a meeting with school representatives and other service providers currently working with the family.

Community Schools and Writing Center is collaboration with the school district, the mentor program and STSJP. Community Schools have three staff located in the Hudson Jr. High, High School and MC Smith. The Writing Center is located in the high school.