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Building a bridge between Mental & Physical health.

Mental Health is HEALTH

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Welcome to the Mental Health Association of Columbia Greene Counties! Our purpose is to build a bridge between mental health and total wellbeing - so that mental health is considered just as important as physical health.

We go beyond mental illness and health and support those in recovery from substance abuse, survivors of assault and violence, children of neglect and abuse, homeless, and even after school and family support services.

Mental health is health, and we're here to help in your total wellbeing.

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Find out how we support our community

Read more about the history of our organization, our team members & services to see how we care for your wellbeing.


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Here are some ways you can donate:

In Person or Mail

MHA of Columbia Greene

713 Union Street

Hudson, NY 12534


Use our secure form to make a tax deductible donation‏ with a Credit Card or Bank Account.

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Coming Soon...

April is Sexual Assault Awareness & Child Abuse Prevention Month.

Stay tuned for some upcoming events.

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