Respite continues to be the service on the tip of everyone’s tongue when they are asked what service their family may need.  Respite provides a break, usually in a planned arrangement for at least 3 hours a week, or to aid in a situational crisis.  Trained respite workers provide youth with activities in the community or on site.


Activities for each child are based on a set of skills and goals set for the individual child. Workers are flexible in meeting the needs of the family, and provide care for some or all of the children in the family.

Mentor Program

The Mentor Program provides mentoring for 6-10 hours per week for youth. Columbia County serves 20 youth.  Mentoring is a development strategy for a youth’s successful path to adulthood.  Our structured mentoring program pairs a supportive individual with a youth to build a relationship by offering guidance, support, and encouragement to cultivate the youth’s positive and healthy development.


Mentoring programs are designed around specific goals, such as academic achievement, career preparation, and behavior modification. Our program also includes sharing fun activities and exposing youth to new experiences. The program encourages positive choices, promotes high self-esteem, supports academic achievement and introduces a young person to new ideas.  Youth participate in community service activities with their mentor.

Advantage After School Programs

Advantage After School programs, licensed programs funded by OCFS.  There are three Advantage After school programs located in Catskill , Hudson Elementary School (formerly John L. Edwards) and MC Smith Middle school.

If you have any questions about programs, please contact our Children & Family Services staff