Licensed Community Residences

The High Cliff Terrace Residence

30 High Cliff Terrace

Catskill, NY  12414


  • 10 bed community residence,

(9 residents and 1 Crisis bed)

  • Training apartment: 1 of the

9 beds is a newly renovated training

apartment at the end of the building.

  • Serving adults with severe,

persistent mental illness

  • Staff on duty 24 hours a day

(Total of 6.5 FTE’s)

  • 24 hour on-call procedures for emergency situations

  • Referrals come through the Greene County Single Point of Access

  • Residents participate in a variety of rehabilitative support, recovery and clinical services

  • Residence opened in 1978

  • Originally located on Main Street in the rural community of Catskill, NY, we have moved to a lovely, rural setting, located on the outskirts of the village.

Crisis bed:  The program will continue to provide a situational crisis bed with or without hospital diversion services utilized, depending upon the need of the individual.    Individuals will be referred by GCMHC or MHACGC and may be done in conjunction with CMH and/or The Mobile Crisis Team operated by MHACGC.   A short referral will be done providing a rationale of need for placement in the crisis bed, a list of medications and emergency contact information. The crisis bed consists of a private bedroom in the residence and individuals utilizing this service will eat meals and participate in other household activities with other residents.  The stay is limited to two weeks, though the anticipated length of stay when hospital diversion services are utilized is several days.  This period of time should be used by the referring provider to plan for discharge to an appropriate setting with the individual.  If the participant is going to be in the bed for a longer period of time, the OMH Field Office will be notified.