Employment Works!

The Employment Works! Program assists residents in securing employment. The individual chooses from a variety of services and supports:

· Career and life coaching

· Exploring job possibilities

· Job development

· Advocating with employers

· Job coaching

· On-going support

A Supported Education Specialist can help you navigate through admission , financial aid and registration processes.

Learn stress management , time management and study skills, how to advocate for yourself as needed and obtain supports to help you stay in school,

Supported Education

Supported Education is a promising practice that helps individuals with mental health challenges gain education and training.

We work with individuals to support their success and meet their own educational goals.

Our services can be provided on campus or in the community, wherever the individual feels most comfortable meeting.

Our services are completely confidential.

Our services are free.


Confidential voicemail -  (518) 828-4181, Ext. 3323


Email - SupportedEd@mhacg.org

And we have a private office at Columbia Greene Community College, Hudson, NY