October 2017 – Hudson Community Apartments

Hudson Community Apartments is a transitional supervised apartment program, in which residents receive 24 hour supervision and personalized recovery and rehabilitation plans in a group residential setting. We house up to 8 individuals at a time in our cluster apartments, located at 67-69-71 North 5th St. HCA provides each individual with a residential counselor to assist them in achieving their highest level of independence. Counselors help develop skills such as cooking, housekeeping, managing a budget, medication management, symptom management, scheduling transportation, community

integration, and socialization. HCA residents are admitted to the program at different levels of their recovery, and so each has a personalized rehabilitation plan that reflects what they would like to work on. Many residents attend programs such as PROS, Apogee, CAVE, and MICA. Some volunteer or work on obtaining their GED, or even attend cello lessons.

Our program offers many recreational activities and always encourages suggestions from our residents at our regular house meetings. This year our residents went on trips to the mall, Dave and Buster’s, the fair, and toured the Athens Lighthouse. We look forward to relocating in the spring to Greenport Gardens on Green Acres Rd. At our new location, residents will each have their own individual apartments, while still being provided with 24 hour supervision and support. In the meantime HCA will strive to ready our residents for a more independent setting, while continuing to provide a safe, healthy environment in which their recovery and rehabilitation can prosper.

Submitted by Cierra Albright

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