Residential Services

Each of three community residences provides a group living situation with 24 hour supervision.  Residents focus on personal recovery and residential rehabilitation, learning skills such as cooking, shopping, laundry, cleaning, medication management and symptom management.


900 Columbia Street, Hudson, NY   (518) 828-8499


30 High Cliff Terrace, Catskill, NY  (518) 943-5145

hudson community apartments

67-71 north 5th street hudson, NY  (518) 697-7414
MICA enhancement offers additional assistance to those struggling with alcohol and/or substance use issues and is available to individuals living within a residential program.

Comprehensive Apartment Program (CAP) provides residential services to people living in apartment
settings who are working on their personal recovery.  Residents learn rehabilitation skills in a more independent setting than a supervised residence.  Staff visitation occurs at a minimum of 3x per week, to a maximum of daily visits, depending upon residents’ needs.  Residents must be independent in taking their medication. 

Supported Housing Program 
provides permanent housing opportunities.  The hallmark of this
program is the management of a rent stipend that parallels a HUD Section-8 stipend.  Staff support is provided, although not with the intensity of the CAP apartments.  Helping residents locate and keep permanent housing of their choice is the
objective of this program.  Staff visits occur 1-4 times per month, depending on individuals’ needs.
*HUD Funded Permanent Supportive Housing serving those with mental illness who are homeless is also  available.