Clinical & Rehabilitation

MOBILE CRISIS ASSESSMENT TEAM (MCAT) OFFERS EMERGENCY MENTAL HEALTH SERVICES seven days a week from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. across the twin counties. MCAT uses a three-pronged response approach which includes crisis prevention, crisis intervention, and crisis follow-up. On any given day, the Mobile Crisis Assessment Team can cover 1,300 miles of territory, moving from one location to the next seamlessly throughout the course of a shift. The Mobile Crisis Assessment Team always dispatches in teams of two: one licensed mental health clinician and one psychiatric technician. To reach MCAT staff, call: 518-943-5555.
PERSONALIZED RECOVERY ORIENTED SERVICES (PROS) assists Columbia and Greene County residents in  recovering from the effects of mental illness.  The PROS program offers a customized array of recovery-oriented services that focus on successful transition into positive life roles in the areas of work, school, independent living, and relationships.  This  model of recovery helps participants learn to self manage their lives by acquiring new skills and identifying supports.
EMPLOYMENT WORKS! is a vocational rehabilitation program assisting persons with mental illness. Staff consult with clinical providers to provide coordinated and well integrated service plans.  These individualized plans include: vocational and employability assessments; job-readiness classes; individual job search; job placement; job coaching; field advocacy with employers; assistance with financial and health benefits; and networking with community support agencies.  Upon vocational stabilization, staff continue supportive follow-along services. This program is an OMH designated, evidence-based Supported Employment practice site, and also serves individuals under two ACCES-VR contracts.  The program works collaboratively with Columbia and Greene Counties’ PROS programs as well as the Ticket to Work program.  
BLENDED CASE MANAGEMENT (Greene) is an OMH certified program targeted to serve high-risk, high-need adults with serious and persistent mental illness.  Services are delivered by community-based collaborative intervention to increase community tenure and avoid unnecessary hospitalization.  The program develops individualized plans to problem solve and overcome obstacles faced by consumers with a focus on rehabilitation and service linkage.  This program is linked to Single Point of Access (SPOA) and is available 24/7. 
SUPPORTED EDUCATION is a program located at Columbia-Greene Community College that provides support, advocacy and mental health education to students with psychiatric needs.
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