Children & Families

Children’s Case Management

COMMUNITY-BASED PREVENTION PROGRAM [Greene County] is a county-wide case management program for children with social, emotional and behavioral difficulties who are at-risk of out-of-home placement or have identified socialization goals within the community.  All referrals come directly from the Greene County Mental Health Center Children’s Team, or from the Children’s SPOA. The program is child-specific and is goal-oriented using the strength-based principals and building of the assets of the child and family to attain identified goals. Children in the program are often transitioning from mental health services and CBPP provides supports to the child and family during the transition period.


SCHOOL-BASED PREVENTION PROGRAM (Ichabod Crane and Taconic Hills) provides two home-to school coordinators in each district to provide services for students (K-Middle School) who exhibit problems in the school that may have a basis in the home or where the school has experienced difficulty engaging the parents/caregivers.  The SBPP provides an array of services to the families including: linkage to services; advocacy; mentoring; direct care and flex funding for necessities to keep the child and family safe and healthy.  Goals include: improved communication between school and family members; family members linked to appropriate services; reduced out-of-home placements; improved behavior and attendance.  Coordinators work flexible schedules to meet the availability and needs of parents.  Services are provided until the family goals are achieved and they are linked to appropriate service providers.

HUDSON SCHOOL-BASED FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICES PROGRAM referrals are received from SPOA, CCDSS, or HCSD for identified students (K-Intermediate school) who exhibit problems in school that may have a basis in the home or where the school has experienced difficulty in engaging the parents/primary caregivers.  The program provides an array of services to the families including support, linkage to services, advocacy, mentoring, direct care, and flex funding for necessities to keep the child and family safe and healthy.  Goals include: improved communication between school and family members; family members linked to appropriate services; reduced out-of-home placements; improved behavior and school attendance.

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Family & Youth Support

FAMILY ADVOCACY staff are often parents of children with an emotional, social or behavioral disorder who facilitate support for children and families in the community, on local and state committees, and at conferences relating to children’s mental health services.
COMMON SENSE PARENTING™ is an evidence-based practice providing six 2-hour skill sessions for all levels of learners and for parents of all age children.  It teaches parents/primary caregivers how to praise effectively; how to stay calm; how to teach self-control to children; how to build a close parent-child relationship; how to teach appropriate child behavior; and how to give clear messages with expectations and consequences.
THE PARENT-TO-PARENT SUPPORT GROUP provides a venue for parents to openly discuss concerns regarding their children and their roles, not only as primary caregivers but as advocates with numerous systems. The group has provided educational programs for parents based on parent input.  The goal of the support group is for parents to feel less isolated, feel better informed on issues regarding their children’s behaviors, to have additional resources, and have a regular break in routine.  Open to all parents of children with social, emotional, or behavioral issues.  Call ahead if you plan on bringing a child.
The REACH Center strives to eliminate interpersonal violence by helping survivors of crime or abuse cope with its effects.  Crisis intervention and support is available 24 hours a day to survivors of crime as well as family and friends.  Confidential counseling and support groups offer a safe environment to deal with feelings surrounding the victimization.  Survivors are referred to a wide range of agencies who provide therapy, shelter, medical care, legal and financial assistance.  Training is provided to medical personnel, police, teachers or social workers who come into contact with survivors of crime or abuse.
For information call our 24 hour hotline at (518) – 828-5556 OR toll free at (888)-943-2472
ADVANTAGE AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAM provides educational support, recreational opportunity, skill building, character education and a nutritional snack for each participant during three hours of structured daily activities.  Collaborations with service providers offer specialized services for participating youth. With a focus on providing youth with a message promoting positive attitude regarding school, delaying childbearing and violence prevention, the program, offers interesting and engaging alternatives in Hudson for up to 240 youth (3rd-6th grade) and in Catskill Kids Club for 60 youth (K-6th grade). The programs are available every school day and students are expected to participate in each 3 hour session.
TIER I is a Family Advocate facilitated strength-based conference to develop an action plan for families and providers where there is multi-system involvement. Family members, the Family Advocate and providers focus on setting attainable goals, assigning tasks, and clarifying roles. Turnaround from time of referral depends on availability of participants. A request for service for a Tier I can be made by a family member or any involved service provider with the family member’s consent.
RESPITE SERVICES are provided for youth with serious social, emotional and behavioral problems and for children of parents with psychiatric diagnoses.  Respite provides enhanced self-esteem for participating youth and positive role-modeling as well as a scheduled break for parents.

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AmeriCorps logo with HudsonAmeriCorps 

AmeriCorps Hudson’s first AmeriCorps program, and the only one in the Capital Region, is being led by the Mental Health Association of Columbia and Greene Counties in partnership with the Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood and other community partners. The Mental Health Association received a three year AmeriCorps grant through the Corporation for National and Community Service which includes 40 slots for volunteers. The Hudson PROMISE Corps is different from other known AmeriCorps programs in that it focused its recruitment and hiring efforts on local young people and community members. Members will be serving at several locations within the Hudson City School District including; the Hudson Department of Youth, the MC Smith Intermediate School, the Greater Hudson Promise Neighborhood and the Mental Health Association. Members will also be conducting 10 service projects throughout the year in partnership with local organizations.