September 2017 – Apartment Programs

The scattered site apartment programs and MHA’s residential MICA services office is located in Catskill.  Here is where so many stories begin. We continue to quietly plant deep roots in our communities by walking next to our participants as they define their personal recovery path.  The apartment program team believes that we are all part of the “Big Picture” and are relevant to the recovery process.

For those who are not familiar with our services, here is an overview of who we are and what we do:  The Residential Division’s scattered site apartment program’s offices are located at 45 Five Mile Woods Road in the Town of Catskill.  We are comprised of the Supported Housing Program (SHUD), Comprehensive Apartment Program (CAP), and the Homeless Program (PSHP) as well as the MICA program.  We serve participants in both counties and offer support to clients from the mountain top in Greene County to the deepest rural settings of Columbia County.  We are currently serving 118 individuals in various apartment programs with plans to expand with12 new opportunities in the very near future. In addition we serve 20+ individuals with their quest to secure and maintain sobriety.

Our services are geared toward each individual and the skills they need to secure in order to move on to the next level of their personal journey of recovery and independence.   We cover a broad range of skills such as socialization,  budgeting, cooking, shopping, medication management, securing and maintaining sobriety, and symptom management. We assist clients with transportation to appointments and teach them how to utilize Medicaid Transportation or public transportation in order to promote greater self-reliance.  Services also cover how to secure benefits, boost self confidence when talking to providers, how to make appointments, as well as support and encouragement to attend a meaningful daily activity.  These activities may be employment, a volunteer position, an Apogee Center activity, the Water Street Art Center, and/or one of the PROS centers.

The Apartment Program offers each individual the support they need in devising a road map to their personal recovery journey.

Submitted by, Tammy Hall

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