October 2016- Hudson Community Apartments

Hudson Community Apartments is a housing redesign project located on 67-69-71 North 5th Street. Our program houses eight individuals in a cluster apartment.

HCA is what is called “transitional supervised apartment program,” which is runsimilar to the residential division program, CAP.


2016 Community Night Out- Hudson

Although, HCA provides a group living situation with 24 hour supervision, the program is designed for residents to focus on their own individual recovery and residential rehabilitation.

HCA individuals can be at all different levels of their recovery when admitted to the program. They each have counselors assigned to them, who assist them with reaching their highest level of independence.

This can include but is not limited to learning skills such as ; cooking, household skills, shopping, medication management, symptom management, setting up transportation, community integration or socialization.


2016 Community Night Out- Hudson

Our residential program at HCA tries to individualize each person’s recovery. Each person we serve has their own idea of what recovery looks like. Some residents hold jobs in the community, go to school through the Questar GED program, or attend PROS (Personal Recovery Orientated Services) at 713 Union Street, Hudson.

Others may attend the Apogee Center on Fairview Avenue in Hudson, while some volunteer at various businesses, such as Catholic Charities or a local church.

Hudson Community Apartments also offers some recreational activities for some rest and relaxation. These activities may include trips to Lake George for dinner cruises, fair and zoo trips , apple picking, craft festivals and museums, just to name a few. These activities are based on a resident’s suggestion at their regular house meetings.


2016 Community Night Out- Hudson

The day to day life in a residential program can be very busy, but Hudson Community Apartments strives to create an environment that is safe, individualized and provide the tools necessary for individuals to achieve their highest level of independence.

Submitted by Jessica Vanderoef

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