January 2018 – High Cliff Terrace

The High Cliff Terrace residence is proud to announce that it has had some major work done in the past year. The residence had new floors, bathrooms, consumer cabinets, porches, and the training apartment all replaced. The staff office was enlarged, allowing much more space for everyone to work, and a small area to sit with consumers privately. A generator was added, giving the residence comfort in knowing that even though we are nestled in the woods, we will always have power and heat.

The unique part to the High Cliff Terrace residence is the training apartment.  When a consumer has achieved the many goals while working with staff at the residence, the next step may be to move from a bedroom in the residence to the training apartment. While in the training apartment, the consumer can continue gaining skills and confidence that he/she will need to live independently within the community.

The training apartment is connected to the main residence with an indoor entrance way, allowing the consumer to enter the main residence to seek assistance from 24 hour staff if needed or to socialize with the other consumers. The apartment includes a living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. An attached porch and exit door are of off the kitchen. The consumer has all the privacy he/she would in an independent apartment, yet still has the availability of 24 hour staff if needed.  This allows the consumer to “practice” and gain confidence to one day move completely out of the residence and live successfully within the community.

While living in the residence, a consumer helps with cooking and cleaning for nine people or more. As a resident of the training apartment, the consumer learns to cook and clean for themselves, while buying their own food and household supplies. The consumer will manage his/her medications (with staff supervision) with a higher level of independence, notifying staff when medications have been taken, and  learning the steps in ordering refills and picking up their medications from the pharmacy. The steps of what to do in case of an emergency when alone are taught, such as first aid and safety. In the residence, staff will notice if a stove isn’t working, lights are out, or heat is not working. In the training apartment, the consumer learns to recognize if something needs to be fixed.

By having a training apartment at the residence, it not only gives the consumer an extra boost of confidence that he/she has gained the skills to move on to their own apartment within the community but it gives the staff the ability to feel more secure that the person leaving the residence truly knows how to take care of themselves, including cooking, cleaning, budgeting and overall maintenance of an apartment. One of the biggest skills gained while living alone in the training apartment is how to truly live alone. Many consumers have never had the chance to live alone and have had to learn how to adjust to silence.

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Tiffany Richards

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