January 2017- Care Coordination

Care Coordination is a program within the Division of Clinical and Rehabilitation. This program assists clients in organizing their health care activities in order that they can receive the most appropriate and best services available.
Coordinators develop relationships with a multitude of providers that can help
clients build connections to a community of wellness.

These relationships foster an understanding of shared clients health needs and transparency in a client’s overall health care.
Many clients are transitioning through important milestones in their lives and the person centered approach used by coordinators allows them to be met along each step of the way.

This approach emphasizes the client’s needs as well as the importance of utilizing the resources available. Care coordinators have described working with their clients as “very rewarding,” and “meaningful.”

In addition, the Care Coordination team has enjoyed its expansion and recently welcomed their newest care coordinators Christina, Audrey and Shawn! The team’s hard work and diligence is greatly appreciated by all.

-Submitted by: Scott Thomas

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