February 2018 – Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT)

Here we are again it’s that time of year,

A holiday filled with lots of love and cheer.

An update from MCAT- we will provide for you,

Extending our program is what we had to do.


Many thanks to the community and MHACG,

Our program is now open from 8A to 10P.

We have a new position- our Peer Specialist,

They will support the community- you get the gist.


From fruition in July 2015 until now,

We’ve had 30,000 phone calls! HOLY COW!

Now averaging approx. 45 calls per day

Helping all we can- we know just what to say.


Our primary focus remains crisis-intervention

And we stride towards police and hospital prevention.

If you have a question or need consultation

Please call 943-5555 without hesitation.


From Mobile Crisis we would just like to say,

Thank you all for the support and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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