August 2017- C.A.V.E.

In 2003 the Center for Advocacy, Voice, and Empowerment (CAVE) started to provide an outlet for individuals who are recipients of mental health services to make friends and build connections. As the program has grown and changed, the central mission of providing a welcoming place to build community has not wavered. CAVE is a drop in time where individuals can socialize, engage in activities, share a meal, or learn something new. CAVE offers a warm and comfortable space where those with a shared experience of utilizing mental health services for recovery can connect with their peers. CAVE isn’t a place where individuals receive services, it’s a place of mutual support and help- in good times and difficult times, in humor and in confidence. The relationships built through CAVE extend beyond the structured hours. CAVE members reach out and meet up other times too.

Recently there have been many changes to the format and structure of CAVE. We have gone through a transformation and are happy to share with you the current structure.

In July 2017, CAVE opened a second location. CAVE meets on Thursdays at the Philmont Community Center located on Lake Shore Drive. Transportation is available in the Philmont and Chatham Communities. Some activities based at the Philmont location include fishing, arts and crafts, nature walking, and trips around the community. Over the Summer, CAVE has been attending many of the Music In The Park programs at the Claverack Town Park.

CAVE still meets in the Hudson community. Transportation is available those days in the greater Hudson area.

On the 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month, all CAVE members come together. Once a month there is a member directed outing. There is also a Sunday Dinner once a month that all members can attend. Transportation is available these days.

CAVE provides a welcoming and supportive environment for its members. We value hope, self-efficacy, resiliency, and support. CAVE is a nonjudgmental space where individuals can grow, learn, and build natural supports.

Membership is always open, individuals are welcome to stop by one of our locations or reach out to our program for more information.

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