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February 2017- Water Street Studio

This year the Water Street Studio has transitioned to a recovery center. Our mission is to provide peer support to people in the community who are pursuing mental health recovery and empowerment. We are located at 126 Water Street in … Continue reading

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January 2017- Care Coordination

Care Coordination is a program within the Division of Clinical and Rehabilitation. This program assists clients in organizing their health care activities in order that they can receive the most appropriate and best services available. Coordinators develop relationships with a … Continue reading

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December 2016- Columbia County PROS

Once a year each of the  program directors at the MHA has the opportunity to share something. December is PROS Columbia’s  turn.  This month I have been thinking about  the challenges connected to personal change. Change is not easy. It … Continue reading

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November 2016- Columbia Street Apartments

The Columbia Street Apartments, CSA, are transitional training apartments located at 900 Columbia Street in Hudson. This transitioned residents from a community residence, to living with fewer roommates at North 5th Street, living, learning, and working on independence in their … Continue reading

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October 2016- Hudson Community Apartments

Hudson Community Apartments is a housing redesign project located on 67-69-71 North 5th Street. Our program houses eight individuals in a cluster apartment. HCA is what is called “transitional supervised apartment program,” which is runsimilar to the residential division program, … Continue reading

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August 2016- The Reach Center

The REACH Center supports victims of crime and abuse in many ways by providing counseling, advocacy, therapy, and reinforcement. It has also been providing community outreach and prevention education for decades. This is a component of our program of which … Continue reading

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June 2016- After School Programs & Respite

Respite Program – This past year, our respite program has seen growth not only in our numbers served, but also in our staff as we have added several young talented people. We have enlarged our program further in Greene County … Continue reading

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May 2016- Apogee Center

Recovery-The process of change in which individuals improve their wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential. Apogee-The farthest or highest point: culmination. Peer recovery support services help people become and stay engaged in the recovery … Continue reading

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April 2016- Mental Health Matters

MHACG has been very busy in this first quarter!!  Divisions have shared some photos that reflect some of our activities over the last four months that we would like to share with the entire agency.  As we gear up for our … Continue reading

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February 2016 – Mobile Crisis Assessment Team

Over the course of a lifetime, unfortunately, most people experience at least one crisis. Our Mobile Crisis Assessment Team (MCAT), launched last July to provide effective crisis intervention in just such situations.  Open 7 days a week from noon to … Continue reading

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